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  • Located in Jaypee Sports City
  • Situated by Yamuna Expressway
  • Luxurious living spaces
  • Located on Boulevard of Life
  • Indoor & outdoor sports
  • Vaastu compliant spaces
  • Nears hospitals & schools
  • Biggest room sizes in category

Imperia Mirage

Imperia Structures Ltd. is one of the finest developers of residential spaces in Northern India. This enterprise has an expertise in construction of residential as well as institutional and IT/ ITES offices. This initiative of the Imperia group has once again come up with top quality luxury apartments by the name Imperia Mirage Homes. This project is an abode for the chosen few who have a craving for sports and fitness activities. This becomes possible only because of the location of Imperia Mirage, which is nestled inside Jaypee Sports City, the hub of sports activities in Noida. Imperia Group is continuously championing the needs of residential, institutional and organizational properties from more than a quarter century.

The best part of Imperia Noida is its proximity to the Yamuna Expressway which expands its reach to a number of major destinations of Northern India including, Gautam Buddha Nagar and Agra. Being located in Jaypee’s magnificent Sports City, Imperia Mirage Yamuna Expressway nears the internationally renowned Buddha International racing circuit. It also nears a number of other famous paces like the Jaypee Boulevard of life which changes its theme almost every kilometre, it includes lake district and other such places. The project itself is embellished with luxury facilities including hi-tech gymnasium, spa-sauna, Jacuzzis and other such features. The project is furnished with top quality fittings and furnishings making it a luxurious one. Imperia Mirage Homes has available inside its campus numerous recreational and sports functions which best serve the cravings of a sports lover.

Imperia Mirage Homes remain an ideal haven for the sports lovers because of its close proximity to the F1 motor racing track. Due to the proximity to the racing circuit this project nears a number of five to seven star hotels and hospitality sites. Imperia Noida is also located in close proximity to the Jaypee Greens “Boulevard of Life“. This is a 14.5 km long boulevard where the theme changes every few kilometres. The theme which nears Imperia Mirage Homes is the Lake District giving Mirage Homes a soothing view of placid manmade lakes located in close proximity of the residential towers. The project is a brainchild of Imperia group which excels in the construction of architectural landmarks which deliver quality services to its customers. The group has defined luxury to its customers living in different cities of northern India a number of times before too.